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Absolute Living are locals and here we pass our opinions on the areas we cover and enjoy day to day. Where is best - we will let you decide which area is your perfect fit.


The first thing to say about Battersea is that Clapham Junction is in Battersea but when the station was built Battersea was seen as a poor area and the developers felt by calling it Clapham Junction would improve its prospects. Now Battersea has arguably overtaken Clapham there are plans to rename the station back to Battersea Junction.

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Clapham's popularity has gone up and up, with many trendy young professionals flooding the area that has been traditionally represented by the well to do middle class family. This is a well-established residential area, but the greater mix of people is bringing a good mix of diversity to the population of Clapham.

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Wandsworth encompasses a large area from Garratt Lane to Wandsworth Bridge and up to Wandsworth Common. Wandsworth is a well-established residential area which really came into its own in the eighties when middle-class families moved south across the river in flight from the rising prices of Fulham.

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Balham has grown up very quickly and is a more refined alternative to the bustle of Clapham with a bit of a village feel to it. It has a great selection of pubs, bars and restaurants as well as being in short distance to no fewer than 3 commons.

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We love Tooting and there is so much more to come from this area - the influx of young professionals into the area is gradually altering the fabric of the area. It is a hectic type of place but varied – it offers so much in one place.

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