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Our Sales & Lettings Packages

Fees - Sales

Invite us for a valuation and we can customise a package to suit your needs.

This is the full package where all the marketing, viewings and the complete sales process is run by one of our expert staff.

‘New Absolutely’ 
New properties to the market benefit from an opening day where we have a two hour slot on the first Saturday of marketing and block view – with so many people at the viewing you benefit from the ‘rush and grab’.

‘You View’ 
If you would rather carry out the viewings on your property we can provide you all the marketing and exposure but e-mail/ phone through the leads for you to pursue. We can run the sale for you after a sale has been agreed if you choose.

‘We Vet – You View’ 
Viewings are arranged on your behalf - we ‘vet’ the potential buyer and arrange a viewing time before sending them direct to you.

‘Off Plan’ 
We can sell property off plan to our database of developers or residential buyers and take a deposit which could help with your ongoing building costs.

‘Riverside New Homes’   
We have tailored options.

Above all we realise the most important aspect of this job is to help your transaction to be as smooth as possible and obtain the highest price.

Call absolute living on 020 3002 9002 or click here to arrange a valuation.

Fees Lettings

Our lettings team take care of every aspect of your rental property – whether it be a buy-to-let or private property. We understand existing tenants don’t like to be disturbed by viewings for the coming term and develop good relationships to ensure viewings can go ahead as regularly as possible.

Meticulous referencing is carried out, contracts are prepared, deposits held in the Government Deposit Protection Scheme, inventories completed, and if required the property is commercially cleaned and EPC's arranged.

If you would prefer to use your own documentation and would like us to just find the tenant we can provide this service.

Alternatively if you are based abroad and are not wanting of midnight calls from your tenants regarding the heating we can offer full management and rent collection.

We have a developed database of quality applicants who are keen to find a property to rent.

Landlord Rental Packages

  • Let Only - 8% (9.6% inc VAT) of annual rent
  • Rent Collection - 10% (12% inc VAT) of annual rent
  • Full Management - 13% (15.6% inc VAT) of annual rent 
  • Guaranteed Rent Scheme - POA 

Let Only
* We will carry out an initial inspection of the property and provide our opinion of the expected rental value, furnishings and other pertinent matters.

* Advertise the property as necessary or appropriate.

* Arrange appointments for prospective tenants to view the property and accompany them where necessary or advisable.

* Introduce prospective tenants.

* Take up references on prospective tenants for your approval or rent guarantee.

* Instruct properly qualified engineers to carry out gas and electrical safety checks when requested by you or where you have failed to do so, the cost to be debited to your account.

* Prepare, execute (if necessary) and complete the tenancy agreement together with appropriate legal notices.

* Collect the first month’s rent and a six week security deposit from the Tenant. The landlord should notify Absolute Living if the request is for greater/ less of a security deposit.

* Before the commencement of the tenancy Absolute Living will collect a security deposit as agent for the landlord, and will register the deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd (TDSL) scheme on behalf of the landlord within 14 days of receipt of the deposit unless the landlord has indicated that he/ she wishes to administer the registration independently of Absolute Living.

* Extend or renew tenancies and execute any Extension of Tenancy Agreement on your behalf.

* We can instruct at cost an inventory & check in agent or use in-house inventory service.


Rent Collection
In addition to the 'let only' service described in we will:

* Hold the Deposit as stakeholder during the tenancy.

* Demand and make reasonable efforts to collect the rent from the Tenant, short of issuing court proceedings.

* Transfer the rent, net of disbursements, directly to a nominated bank account. Payments are made every Friday/Monday for the rent collected previous week, except the last week of the month we pay on the first working day of the month. When payments are made we send an email with statement attached.

* Prepare and email monthly remittance statements to you and/or your accountant.


Full Management
In addition to the 'let only' and 'rent collection service' we will:

* Inventories; Arrange for the preparation of an inventory and schedule of conditions by a professional inventory clerk or our own property manager.

* Outgoing; Pay your regular outgoing for the property out of available funds held by us including bills for ground rent, service charge, water charges and maintenance charges but to exclude mortgage payments, buildings insurance and contents insurance (Except if building insurance and contents insurance is done through us). You must instruct the relevant authorities to forward the bills to us for payment and although we will do our best to query any obvious discrepancies it must be understood that we are entitled to accept and pay without question demands and accounts that appear to be in order.

* Repairs; Deal with day to day repair/maintenance matters. We will always endeavour to inform you of the repair/maintenance issues by email or post and get your approval before we do any work, except in an emergency we may go ahead and do the work if we can not contact you. We employ full time handymen and therefore reduce the costs experienced with other agencies - we also have a preferred panel of gas and electrical engineers.

* Property Visits; Carry out visits to the property every 3 months. These visits will include non-expert investigation of apparent damage or defects that are noticed or brought to our attention by the Tenants. It should be appreciated that these visits can only extend to apparent and obvious defects and would not in any way amount to a structural survey of the property.

* Check Out; Arrange for a professional inventory clerk or Property manager to check the inventory and prepare a schedule of dilapidation (if required) at the end of the Tenancy. We will negotiate and agree dilapidation with yourself and the tenant as Stakeholder and make appropriate deductions from the Tenants Deposit once it is agreed.


Guaranteed Rent Scheme
The scheme works in conjunction with the other services and is an additional scheme that is worth considering:

We will take your property on at an agreed rent and guarantee to pay you the full rent monthly into your bank account. If the property is vacant you will still receive the full rent for the agreed rent guarantee period. This is a great scheme for overseas landlords or where you as the landlord want to minimise void periods. The tenants we introduce to the property may be on 'short term lets' or 'corporate tenants' but will be professional working people and they will all undergo full referencing through Homelet. Six week deposits will also be collected and both inventories and check in/out reports compiled. You will need to give two months notice if you wish to cease the agreement after the fixed period and there is an administration charge the equivalent of one weeks rent which would be taken out of the final guaranteed rent payment to you. 12 / 24 / 36 months.


Call absolute living on 020 3002 9002 or click here and we can arrange a convenient time to discuss you requirements and get your property rented.

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