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Everyone using our website has different browsers, computer set ups and IT knowledge. 

The site is being constantly updated and has different features to help all users  to access information they need to find.


Our website has been tested on a wide range of browsers and operating systems. It has been tested specifically against:

Microsoft Windows XP
Firefox 1.5  

Mac operating system
Safari 1.4
Safari 2.0
Firefox 1.5


If you need to view the website text in a larger font than the font shown on these pages, you can adjust your browser to provide a larger text size. The instructions to do this are usually found in the 'tools/options' setting on your browser. The short cut option on most browsers is to press 'ctrl' and '+' to enlarge or pressing 'ctrl' and '-' to decrease the text size.


Our site uses JavaScript for some of its features. Following accessibility guidelines, the site provides alternative versions of these features which work without JavaScript installed.

Style Sheets

The Absolute website uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for its layout. If your browser does not support CSS at all, the content of each web page is still readable.


We may enhance our website with multimedia content from time to time. This content would be in Flash and you need Flash version 8.0 or above in order to view them. Download free Flash Player.

PDFs and attachments

Some web pages may feature a number of PDF (Portable Document Format) attachments.

We use PDFs on our site for property details, adverts, promotions, news articles, leaflets and forms.
To view PDFs, you can download a PDF reader. There are many readers available, of which some can be downloaded free of charge from the internet.  Adobe Acrobat is the most popular - Download Acrobat Reader



If you have problems using our site or would like to make suggestions please contact us by email at

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